FRIENDS & FAMILY Zoom Lens PA63837154

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Turn your Smartphone / mobile into a high-tech optical telescopic camera and shoot long distance high quality photos. Bring distant images closer.Mobile phone itself has no optical zoom lens;hence can only achieve a few times digital zoom;so when you zoom to take a pic;the image quality is not ideal. The 12x optical lens has the characteristics of small volume;light weight;it can support any mobile phone horizontal and vertical shoot;function very usefulIt fits your phone snugly and magnifies the image in the camera by twelve times. Best of all;the lens comes with a manual focus allowing you to take DSLR quality photos with your mobile phone. It s very easy to use too. No worry about wiring or batteries. Just attach your Phone and you are ready to take some great picsCountry Of OriginIndia

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FRIENDS & FAMILY Zoom Lens PA63837154

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